Sustainable Development Policy

The Company believes that when the business focuses on economic growth, has good corporate governance system and effective risk management along with operating with social and environmental responsibility consider as part of normal business processes.

The Company operates its business under the framework of good governance, transparency, and accountability with a commitment to business development while balancing the economy, society, and environment.  The Company is determined to maintain itself as a role model for the society (Good Corporate Citizen) for sustainable business operations and be able to manage the business to grow steadily and be accepted in society based on ethics and good corporate governance principles as well as generating effective returns for shareholders by taking into account the impact of business operations on those involved in all aspects of the company.

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Sustainable Business Goals

Sustainable development of Veranda Resort Public Company Limited Group has adopted the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs), which has a total of 17 goals as a model for all parties to follow for a sustainable business and future.

Environmental Development

The Company is committed to operating its business under the principles of good governance and social responsibility and taking into account the impact on the environment by giving importance to all activities in operation including supporting global warming mitigation and climate change.

  1. Manage the optimal and efficient use of natural resources such as raw materials, water, and energy as well as process improvements to optimize the use of those resources.
  2. Manage waste from service processes responsibly and systematically by adhering to the principle of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) to reduce environmental impacts both in short term and long term.
  3. Conserve and protect terrestrial and marine biodiversity in the areas where the Company operates, as well as encourage the customers, business partners, and communities to participate in continual conservation of nature.
  4. Operate a business in accordance with environmental laws and other related regulations strictly.

Social Development

The Company is committed to creating stability for society and the community by developing skills, knowledge, and abilities of employees to provide quality service to society. These also include creating jobs and distributing income to the local community with the following operating guidelines:

  1. Take care and treat employees equally and fairly without discrimination of gender, race, color, age, nationality, citizenship rights, sexual orientation, or disability so that all employees have a good quality of life in society.
  2. Develop personnel in the organization through continuous training to increase the potential of all employees to have knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for work both short term and long term.
  3. Support a good working environment in accordance with relevant laws, including a focus on hygiene, occupational health, and safety of employees in the workplace to achieve the best performance at work.
  4. Employ disabled people to provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to have equal rights as the general people and to generate income for families and communities.
  5. Promote, support, and participate in social activities in the local community.

Governance Development

The Company is committed to improving the quality of products and services to cover the needs of all customer groups and give importance to the knowledge of the employees, especially in the field of service to create quality personnel for the country’s tourism industry with the following operating guidelines:

  1. Comply with relevant laws; conduct business under the principles of good governance; have good corporate governance, and create social responsibility both as a producer and a consumer.
  2. Manage business risks concisely, prudently, and efficiently following international guidelines and practices.
  3. Adhere to the customers’ needs as the center to provide customers with the best products and services following international standards.
  4. Continuously invent, create and develop service innovations to meet the diverse customers’ needs and to provide customers the most satisfaction.
  5. Maintain the best security, privacy, and personal information of the customers with an efficient information technology system.

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