All-day Dining, like standing on a deck and staring out to sea, when guests saunter onto the wood-like planks of the All-day Dining Restaurant, their attention is drawn to the water surrounding them. Ocean waves crest just meters away, down stone steps, the sun sparkles on the glass-like surface of the infinity pool. Décor is minimal, with subtle shapes and subdued tones. Food is elevated yet simple, fresh and healthy. Water, the landscape, the tastes on the tongue takes centre stage here. Whether cradled in curved, natural-fiber loungers in the open air, or indoors, shielded from the elements by a sculptural ceiling inspired by coral, there are no distractions.

Open from :

Opening times 6.00 A.M. – 11.00 P.M.
Breakfast 6.00 A.M. – 10.30 A.M.
All day menu 10.30 A.M. – 11.00 P.M.

Seating Capacity – 155

Indoor air conditioned – 65

Outdoor Al fresco – 90


Choice of easy style seating with indoor air conditioned, outdoor terrace or on The Jetty.

Open from :

Week Day & Week End : 5:00 P.M. – 12.00 A.M.

Seating Capacity - 120

Indoor air conditioned – 30

Outdoor terrace – 30

The Jetty - 60


Pool Bar, Inspired by the fishing villages that once populated the area, the woven rattan architecture of the Pool Bar evokes the laid-back pace of life on the water and baskets used to hold a fisherman’s catch. Totally modern snacks – like signature smoothies – are simple, nourishing treats that provide a respite from the sun


Open Time : From 7.00 A.M. - 4.00 P.M.